Allison Transmission xFE

The Allison xFE transmission is an innovative fuel saving product from Allison Transmission, that is now being supplied and fitted by Powertrain nationwide. 

Standing for Extra Fuel Economy, the xFE Transmission utilises new technology including more efficient gear ratios, Neutral at Stop, Neutral at Coast, Acceleration Rate Management and DynActive Shift Technology.

Although the transmission is an identical form and fit of the widely used 2100 transmission, bus operators can expect this lastest technology to save you up to 16% fuel and considerably cut your CO2 emissions.

A further benefit to the xFE upgrade is the inclusion of FuelSense® 2.0 programing, enabling operators to precisely balance fuel economy against performance.

So why not take the route to Extra Fuel Economy and make your next Allison exchange gearbox an Allison xFE?

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