TCM / Actuator / Powerpack Programming & Fitting

Providing the link between the driver’s input and the functionality of a transmission, TCM, Actuators and Powerpacks are integral systems in shift quality and gear selection. As with all electrical / mechanical parts, a worn or faulty TCM, Actuator or Powerpack will impact on the function of your transmission.

Powertrain Mobile Diagnostic Engineers are equiped to suplly, fit and program your new TCM, Actuator or Powerpack completing the job in one visit, as cost effectively as possible.

Powertrains Services include

  • TCM supply & calibration
  • Adaption resets
  • FuelSense 2.0 Progamming
  • Clutch calibration
  • GS3 Powerpack programming
  • Actuator programming

If you are unsure if your TCM, Actuator or Powerpack is faulty, Powertrain can arrange a visit from one of their Mobile Diagnostic engineers who will confirm your fault.

Just give Powertrain a call today to discuss how we can help.

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